quasiWeekly Update through April 6, 2013 – Serials in the news

Yes, my news posts are rather erratic… at times I have to wait until there’s really enough material of interest.  In any case, happy April to you all… and happy writing! 

Eat Your Serial moves away from just publishing prose

EYS, like Plympton, had a successfully funded Kickstarter to help launch their presence but not Plympton’s connections or incredible timing.  I honestly thought EYS had disappeared when their twitter account had recently gone quiet for several months.  It looks like someone is back at the helm tweeting and blogging.  While Plympton seems to be making movements towards prose (and delivery via email), it looks like EYS will move towards publishing other types of non-prose webserials. 

Could You Write a Kindle Serial?

Roberto Calas, Kindle serial alum, is interviewed by his Amazon editor Marcus Trower.   Really interesting insight into the program itself and while you’re at it, add Marcus Trower to your RSS feedwatcher. 

Hooking Up Versus Going It Alone: What’s a Lonely Serial To Do?

A serial writer asks other writers what they think about platforms like Jukepop and Wattpad while he ruminates about where to post his serial.

Sometimes, I Like To Wait

Anthony Ha is someone who actually enjoys reading serially. He touches on Plympton, Coliloquoy, and Amazon as publishers of serial content… mentions John Scalzi as well.  And sad to see all the other entities he fails to mention like Figment, Wattpad, and Jukepopserials.  Meh.  Seems like all of these entities operate as if they are unaware of each other.


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