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Blog Guest: Nick Bryan, author of “Hobson & Choi”

In this post, Online Novel continues highlighting authors who are part of the Jukepop Serials family.  


The second of the Jukepop authors to be featured is Nick Bryan , author of “Hobson & Choi” (, an ongoing black comedy/detective serial which began on Jukepop in February 2013  and has gone on to place reliably in the mid-20s of their monthly top 30.   This interview was collaborative, meaning Nick had free reign to creatively interpret my questions… 

Nick Bryan, you’re the author of detective saga Hobson & Choi from Jukepop Serials. Can you pitch us your serial as quickly as possible?

On the surface, Hobson & Choi is an OTT detective story, in which two mismatched partners – a worldweary detective and a teenage girl – look into a strange murder case where the perpetrator appears to be a large dog. There’s a lot of fun banter between them and some silly yet dangerous situations.

However, it’s also a little about roles – the characters are very self-aware, Choi in particular knows she’s a teenager trying to be an adult in a very grown-up world, and both of them have incidents in their past which have smashed them into certain roles. So there will be scenes dealing with that, but most of the time, it’s a fun adventure in which we swing from tense scenes in dark, bloody buildings to a whole chapter about Hobson eating breakfast in a terrible pub. It’s relevant to the plot, I swear.