New feature, List of Completed Serials 2013

Happy 2014 everyone!

It’s been just a little over a year since we started this blog (back on Blogger).  And early 2013 we defected to and found it a good place to hang out.

When I first joined the original fiction/webfiction community there were still a large smattering of different voices and authors talking about the craft.  There’s been a bit of a lull or contraction in these spaces to “talk shop” so this blog in 2014 will continue to try to touch on topics that we hope are helpful to you.

I have yet to decide how to address readers of serials in terms of posts. However, as a start I’ll point you to a new feature as of today: “The Completed Serials” tab up there on the top right of this page, next to the SFF listing that TEWaters and I started a few months back.   That, if you’re a reader, might be a place to start looking

That’s 2013 crop of indy serials that I’ve heard about through the various webfiction channels/outlets.  There are many people who start serials but not as many who finish them.

For the authors —  consider getting your stuff up there in that space a goal for you as an author.

Lastly, this blog is  always open to guest bloggers (See About/Submissions) who want to share something unique that they’ve learned from the process of publishing a webfiction/ web serial.   Hopefully we’ll have a lot more voices on this blog over the next year.  I’m always open to pitches and hope to hear from you.

Looking forward to 2014!


Next US Twitter #serialchat, : Wed August 28, 9pm EDT/6pm PDT

Hi all. It is a quiet news week. I presume that many folks are now in the transition back to school or out of vacation.

As a follow-up to our last #serialchat , Team North America will have their next chat on August 28 at 9pm EDT/6pm PDT.

Our topic will be about  “Finding readers” and various methods of promoting your work!  We’ll hope that you all will tune in and share what you’ve learned along the way.

Blog Guest: Sean Munger, author of “The Armored Satchel”

Sean Munger is the last scheduled guest post from the Jukepop Serials crowd.

He is the author of  “The Armored Satchel, a spy adventure that takes place in occupied Europe during World War II (

Per Sean: “In this serial, Max Volcker, a young German who grew up in America, assumes the identity of a crack Nazi intelligence agent called “the Specter.” Using the Specter’s steel-reinforced briefcase packed with false identity papers and counterfeit cash, Max decides to become a double agent for the Allies—but finds the world of espionage is a lot more dangerous than he bargained for!”

Sean -please provide some background about yourself.

I am currently studying for a Ph.D. in American history. As part of my course of study, I also teach history classes at the university. This is definitely a full-time job, even during the summer—right now I’m preparing to teach a summer course on the history of the Iraq War. I do my writing in the evenings or on weekends or basically whenever there’s time.

Hobby-wise, I love to cook, especially spicy food—I can make several different Indian and Chinese dishes. I learned to cook mainly because restaurants could never make anything spicy enough for me, so I realized if I wanted food with a kick, I’d have to do it myself! I also read about and research, in a very unprofessional armchair-sleuth kind of way, missing persons cases, which have fascinated me for a long time. You’ll see I often post about missing persons on my blog (at

What are your current writing projects? Do you have another Jukepop serial in the works?

Right now I’m working on a new horror novel, titled Doppelgänger. It’s a creepy Victorian haunted house story, set in the 1880s, but it has a twist to it, and I hope it’s successful. I’m also putting the finishing touches on my second zombie novel, The Zombie Rebellion, which will be coming out from Samhain Publishing in May 2014. These have been my main projects recently. Strange as it sounds, The Armored Satchel started as a sideline.

I may do another serial. The character of Max has grown on me, and I think he’d be interesting to put into another adventure. I already have some vague thoughts on that but I’m not entirely decided on how to proceed yet.

Longer-term, I’ve got two projects in the pipeline that are likely to take a long time to get finished. The first is a book called The Valley of Forever, which I’ve been working on since 2010. It’s a science fiction book about the nature of time. The second is more speculative, but I’m hoping to do a re-boot of my science fiction series which began in 2006 with Life Without Giamotti. That’s a much longer-term project. (more…)

Blog Guest: Beth Raymond, author of “Secrets of the Conclave”

In this post, Online Novel continues highlighting authors who are part of the Jukepop Serials family.  

The third of the Jukepop authors to be featured is Beth Raymond, author of “Secrets of the Conclave” (, a story of political control and rebellion in a matriarchal society, with a little magic on the side.

bethraymondI’m not a professional writer. Well, I am, sort of—I’m a lawyer, and I write in that capacity. But the writing I do in my day job is far from creative. So, on the side, I write fiction. I realize it is rather cliché to be a lawyer and an author of fiction, but I had been writing fiction long before I ever became a lawyer. Indeed, I’ve written stories off-and-on throughout my life and I’ve taken courses in fiction writing both in college and as a pre-law school, working adult. Yet all of my previous work was in the short story format. I’d never tackled a novel, nor had I ever submitted anything for publication.

In 2005, I finally decided to try writing a novel as part of National Novel Writing Month. The product of this effort became the first draft of my serial, Secrets of the Conclave, now published at JukePop Serials. Admittedly, it wasn’t a very good draft—at times, it was downright cringe-worthy—but that’s not really the goal of NaNoWriMo, as participants like to call it. Instead, the goal is to write 50,000 words in a single month, and I succeeded in that. At the time, I had intended to edit that first draft, expand it, and try to publish it in some fashion—but then real life got in the way. And by real life, I mean law school, clerking, and my first job as a lawyer.


Blog Guest: Nick Bryan, author of “Hobson & Choi”

In this post, Online Novel continues highlighting authors who are part of the Jukepop Serials family.  


The second of the Jukepop authors to be featured is Nick Bryan , author of “Hobson & Choi” (, an ongoing black comedy/detective serial which began on Jukepop in February 2013  and has gone on to place reliably in the mid-20s of their monthly top 30.   This interview was collaborative, meaning Nick had free reign to creatively interpret my questions… 

Nick Bryan, you’re the author of detective saga Hobson & Choi from Jukepop Serials. Can you pitch us your serial as quickly as possible?

On the surface, Hobson & Choi is an OTT detective story, in which two mismatched partners – a worldweary detective and a teenage girl – look into a strange murder case where the perpetrator appears to be a large dog. There’s a lot of fun banter between them and some silly yet dangerous situations.

However, it’s also a little about roles – the characters are very self-aware, Choi in particular knows she’s a teenager trying to be an adult in a very grown-up world, and both of them have incidents in their past which have smashed them into certain roles. So there will be scenes dealing with that, but most of the time, it’s a fun adventure in which we swing from tense scenes in dark, bloody buildings to a whole chapter about Hobson eating breakfast in a terrible pub. It’s relevant to the plot, I swear.