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I apologize in advance for what will be some instability in the look of this site.  This blog is hosted on the backbone and makes use of free themes. Finding one that incorporates all the widgets and menus I’d like to build into the site can sometimes be a bit messy.  I may upgrade this blog in the next few weeks but please be patient if things seem to move left to right back to left over the next few weeks.

On to more interesting things, on January 1,  I will be hanging a page off the top menu for serials completed in 2013.

While there are ways to access/find complete serials on  Webfiction Guide or, I still think that the completed works aren’t highlighted enough within this community of writers and readers.  For this first attempt, I’ve made a call to the existing communities where authors who have contributed content /input into this blog participate.  So look forward to yet another post this week 🙂

Now on to the rest of the news! blogs cover Wattpad and other self-publishing efforts

Suw Charman-Anderson regularly covers the self-publishing world for the site and unfortunately I neglected to post this last month when she decided to talk about Wattpad. 

Make sure you watch her posts — she also covered the unveiling of the  new look at Smashwords  and their partnership with Scribd.  This should be of particular interest to to those of you looking for eventual outlets for your compiled serial.   Mark Coker’s blog  brings insight into the deal’s benefits for authors:

For Scribd’s subscription ebook service, authors will earn 60% of the list price on all qualifying reads, and here they’ve added a cool twist.  With subscription services, the author or publisher earns credit for a full read when the reader reaches a certain trigger point, measured by the percentage of the book that is read.  The first 10% of the book is a free sample, similar to a retailer.  Excluding the sample, once the reader reads an additional 20% of the book, a full sale is triggered and the Smashwords author earns 60% of the list price, up to a maximum of about $12.50 per read…

Harlequin makes good, signs deals with several Wattpad Authors

Wattpad’s partnerships with the traditional publishing world seem to prove the adage that perhaps publishing online isn’t a kiss of death, after all.  Harlequin is among the best known of romance publishers (although to be fair, they also have their fair share of critics for some of their deals they cut with authors.)    But this overall news is positive . Instead of four final selections,  six authors are signed for books . The winning book titles are listed at the Wattpad blog.

Huffington Post continues it’s ongoing love/hate with serialized formats

Huffington Post’s cadre of bloggers do occasionally pay attention to serialized fiction (see tag: ).    I think, however, compared to other formats it hasn’t been as well covered . Still there are a few references from this past month worth looking through. You have the overall positive comment from Mark Siegel, “The New Serial Revolution” which really talks about fiction and comics, among other works.  And there’s the sort of impatient content consumer argument outlined in John Branch’s dissection of “serial television.”

Good Business Advice

In her post, Crowdfunded Anthologies: Concerns For Writers, Victoria Strauss translates a lot of the knowledge the crew at “Writer Beware” has acquired over the years about predatory /careless practices by publishers.   Anthologies are starting to become increasingly common as Kickstarter projects for several reasons — some altruistic and some perhaps not so much.   She poses several interesting ethical dilemmas/questions as do some of the commentators. Excellent read.  And the blog is an excellent resource if you as an indie or new writer isn’t quite sure if something is on the up and up.

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