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Sorry for the relative quiet on the blog front. I’ve been out for two weeks on a vacation in Scotland and Ireland (not research, I swear) and am now trying to settle back in another timezone while preparing for a convention. Masochism, yay!

It looks like I’ll be skipping the September Twitter chat and looking at October for the next chat. I will be coordinating with folks through the forums at Webfiction Guide (as that worked best last time) to shop some times around. Again, if you’re interested in the next chat, please poke me!

As for news – here’s what we have for you this time around

Wattpad announces Harlequin writing contest

As noted at blog , Wattpad has partnered with Harlequin to host a writing contest. Not a surprising move as the most popular categories on Wattpad are often the romance stories (whether historical, teen, or paranormal).

The Official Blog explains that this is a smaller part of the larger “So you think you can write” Harlequin contest.  Wattpad folks must submit their first chapter of a near completed work (using the instructions outlined in the blog) and entries may be read by judges and considered for possible publication.

On the surface this sounds like a good contest for entrants, although it is worth reminding folks that Harlequin is somewhat notorious among more established writer’s circles as “not royalties friendly to authors.”  JA Konrath highlighted some problems with one imprint two years ago  . In 2009 Writer’s Beware also discussed one of the self-publishing imprints and the royalties issues that surrounded it.

Regardless, looks like you have until November 6 to enter… may still be worth a shot.

Established Author tries Serials on Kickstarter

I don’t make it a point to highlight every serial related Kickstarter project out there as I take issue with promoting projects from new authors who want to be paid to do what many of us do willingly already for free.  However, I’m always intrigued when more established folks want to experiment with serialization.  John Truman Wolfe, I suppose, is trying a great experiment of his own… testing his social networks as well as interest in his current books as well as the serial format. Not quite sure if his Kickstarter will fund but will be interested in the dissection of the outcome.  At the very least, compared to other “pay in advance” Kickstarter proposals, his seems to hold less risk than some of the others I’ve seen on Kickstarter.

Serials Novels: What’s Old is New Again

Seems like covering serial novels is also a regular favorite topic on many writer sites, but the Publisher Weekly’s blogs takes an opportunity to talk to a RWA author about her latest project, … yes a serial novel. Coreene Callahan describes her limited and positive experience with serialization. (Her novel was pushed out through Amazon at 1.99 for ten installments.)   Seems like Amazon has generally stuck with 1.99 and a short run as a serial… guessing it’s working as a model.

Moving from text to audio

Michael Litzky, author of the serial “Safe as Houses”, has started experimenting with audio versions of his currently running serial.  Not many in our small community make this transition (with MCA Hogarth and CB Wright/UBersoft also doing their own readings from time time), so it’s worth looking at and talking to Michael further down the road.   (I’m sure he’d value the feedback)

From around the web, authors ruminate on serials

I spy, you spy, let’s all spy on authors as they all expound on the serial format

And that’s all for this overdue news post. Interesting in contributing a news story or guest blog? Please see the Submissions page for details on how! 


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