Tweetchat and News Updates: Serialities and Webfiction World seeking stories

Feedback for Next Tweetchat

The Twitter chat on Wed pm did not work out well, so I’ll be interested in your feedback on whether to go with a weekend or weekday evening for the next chat tentatively scheduled for early October.  Please feel free to poke me @whirlyshirly or leave comments here to provide that feedback.  Since we did not touch on promotion and finding readers, I’ll hold the topic … still think it’s one that many folks will be interested in.

Serialities launches

Serialities is the latest entrant to the webfic/serial fiction world.  It states in its copy that it will differ from the current offerings by allowing the audience shape the story.

Sword Art Online Light Novel to be published in English

Perhaps due to the success of the anime, the Sword Art Online light novel now appears to be heading to publication in English.  Light novels are, for those who aren’t aware, usually published in serialized format in magazines in Japan. They usually are accompanied by illustrations and eventually are compiled into print novels.

This seems to be an interesting chapter in the history of a property that initially started as a web novel.

Webfiction World Returns/ Seeking Stories

In this  “reintroduction podcast”, Fes Works and Kira Lerner explain “webfiction,” some history of the entire artform, and what it entails. For some of you who are more tied to and fiction, the category webfiction captures “online (prose) serials” as well as web tvs and other types of formats (like blogfic).

In any case, Webfiction World has asked for those of you authors interested in having your story read/converted into an aural format, to please contact them through the website. And in case you haven’t queued into past podcasts, I would encourage you to go through their archives.


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