News Roundup + Transcript for #serialchat on Twitter

Jukepop Serials solicits reader/writer input to select new serials

Jukepop has set up a new area on their website for “aspiring Jukepop authors“. Per their website copy: The serials in this section are from candidates who are hoping to become JukePop Serials Authors. We are asking the community to help us decide! For Aspiring JukePop Authors to become JukePop Serials Authors, they need +Votes from our readers and Endorsements from our authors. If a serial receives enough +Votes and Endorsements then it will move into JukePop Serials’ main catalog.    I think this is an interesting idea so long as the existing community giving input does have readers and not only writers.

Sparkler Monthly Issue #1 Live

Chromatic Press’ monthly serial came out this past Sunday.  Among the five available features for preview are two prose serials, two comics, and one audio drama.  Subscription to this first issue allows access to downloadable formats. Future issues will retail $5USD and proceeds go directly back to the creators.  Of the five, actually, I enjoyed the audio drama the most… although maybe that’s because I like the idea of scifi and horror/suspense being mixed together? Haha.  In any case, light novel “Tokyo Demons” which I’ve discussed in the past will now continue in Sparker Monthly.

Wattpad news of note

  • Another Wattpad/Nikki Kelly article  in Publisher’s Weekly talks about her path to publication.  Kelly is an experienced creator who (I would guess) was quite strategic about what she posted on Wattpad.

Editor-in-chief Liz Szabla at Feiwel and Friends has just acquired worldwide rights to the Styclar Saga, a YA paranormal trilogy by Nikki Kelly, in an agentless deal. Earlier this year, the 27-year-old Londoner serialized her first book, Lailah, on the online writing community Wattpad with impressive results: the novel has had almost two million reads, more than 15,000 votes and upwards of 3,000 comments. Feiwel and Friends will release Lailah in hardcover in 2015.

  • New York Time’s talks with Brittany  Geragotelis (“Life’s a Witch”)  in “Reveling in a Bookstore’s Smell“. More of a slice of life piece than a work blog.

Twitter Chat!!

Thank you to all who jumped into the #serialchat this past Sunday.  The transcript (loosely organized by topic) is posted here: .

As a follow-up please note we are planning two weeknight chats in August-September.  Please coordinate with

  •  Kira @epiguide: European timezones + North American afternoons
  • SGL @whirlyshirly: North American  chat, Late August –  9pm EST/6pm CST

We will post blog times HERE as dates /nights/ times are confirmed.


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