Tweetchat update + Other promotional opportunities

Please mark your calendars for


July 28, 4PM UTC
July 28, 12Noon EST

We were asked to try to include many of our international serial writing buddies, but could not quite make this marriage of the English speaking world (American and Queen’s) work all that well. Consider this specific Sunday chat a soft opening event.  A trial run of our twitter-fu.

It will run at least an hour (and I plan to stick around for another to blab at the PSTers).

And because we’ve found another person willing to coordinate, we will move from this chat into two chats on weeknights.  

Kira, editor at Epiguide, has volunteered to pull together one that targets the European Union evening time block on a weeknight.  (This also may be more optimal for North American folks active in afternoons). Please contact her at editor at epiguide dot com to let her know of your interest.

I’ll run a second weeknight chat in August as well for the US crowd. If I can time it right, this might overlap with the AU/NZ crowd.  I’ll start the polling for a “weeknight” time as well in a few weeks. Please contact me here or on twitter at @whirlyshirly so we can collaborate on finding a good day of the week to run wild and crazy on twitter.

We’ll make sure to report out the results here and in other serial/webfiction/weblit forums. (Just tell us who to contact!)

Just a quick note — my thanks to the four guineapigs from Jukepop serials who guest blogged these past two weeks. If you haven’t yet read these posts from Kevin, Nick, and Beth, please do. Then come back later tomorrow night for a post from Sean Munger – aka the secret history teacher of doom.   Then go bother these creators excessively :). I’m sure they will appreciate it!

Now on to the news and promotional opportunities:

WordPress gets it!

The Daily Post at has talked about “going serial” in it’s Daily Post!  Okay, technically they’re more interested in blogging itself, but this concept of “going serial” really resonates with me.

These people want your updates, your links, your news, why aren’t you chasing them around?

Tuesday Serial ( has been long running a web directory for those actively updating each week. If you haven’t looked at them, please consider visiting their page and checking them out. They made a call this week different from the usual — including asking for pitches for blogs and also wanted to find any “Graduates” who finished in the last year to add to their directory of completed works or works that completed AND were published.

Epiguide is a directory ( and runs a podcast (now affiliated with the Webcast Beacon Network). They regularly look for serials (whether prose, tv, or otherwise) to highlight.


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