Barometer post – Proposed Twitter Chat for Webfiction and Online serial authors

After a few tweet-exchanges with @ubersoft and @shutsumon last week, we thought there would be merit in organizing a tweet-chat later in the month to focus on online serials/ webfiction.

The first proposed chat would be a “Get to know each other” chat focusing on

  • Who You Are
  • Your free-to-read serial
  • Why you’re doing it
  • What you have learned so far.

Invitees are welcome from multiple platforms — including authors who host their own work (via their own blog/website) and those that post at free-to-read communities such as Jukepop Serials and  Wattpad.

Of course anyone else will be free to join in, including those who are curious about starting their own serial.

The reason for this call is that we have three major timezones to attempt to coordinate (North America, UK, and the NZ/AU) .   I’m looking to maximize participation and so want to poll those of you who are serious about participating about several proposed dates and times. (For reference, we are looking at two weekend blocks of times.)

I suspect many of you are on twitter (and we haven’t yet connected) so would you please comment/contact me via this post (or twitter @whirlyshirly or plumopera at gmail dot com) if you are serious about participating with your email.

Look for a more formal call on this blog once/if we can get things together.



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