News Roundup: July 1

Chimerical Tales Launches

After almost reaching their goal the first time around, the folks behind Chimerical Tales redid their Kickstarter and succeeded.  Today they launched their online web serial magazine at  and begins with two stories: “Mythstalkers” (originally published as a comic by Image) and “Falling in Love, 1977.”  They’ll be posting new updates for various serials every day from henceforth.

Congratulations to the writers and producers!

Minnesota Star jumps onboard the serial bus

Looks like one periodical is attempting to serialize content just like their British counterparts.  And I guess this explains their basic intro piece on serials in the last news update. Mary Logue’s “Give up the Ghost” will run June 9 – July 28.  Looks like they’re selling the complete work at this time (for impatient readers).  As their editor explains she saw this as an opportunity to feature local talent and engage better with the arts community and then goes on to describe the process through which they found a serial to feature.  This kind of experiment I think is pretty neat. Considering that newspapers themselves are fighting a battle to survive and find unique content to provide their subscribers —  I think she’s on to something as you’ll note the next link…

The Martha’s Vineyard Patch also jumps on board

Lady Slipper Farm and the Summer People is a locally flavored serial, featuring characters drawn from the local area.  I’m not quite clear on whether the first installment is the actual start date or a repost, hence my giving the Star first props. 😉

BirdLife launch online book

Bird conservationists use Wattpad to engage a new generation.  It’s a seemingly odd route to take — particularly from the non-fiction spectrum, but it’s one I hope proves successful for these folks.  As for the connection? Ah, one Margaret Atwood :).

Self-publishing Expo, November 9, NYC

Looks like Kobo, Smashwords, and Wattpad will be sponsors and possibly featured.  More information on the conference panels here: . I’m pleased to see Michael Sullivan on the guest list as he is a very helpful presence on the /r/Writing reddit community.  He also has a unique perspective as  a traditional and self-published author.  I’m mulling attending this one myself… I’m always looking for a good excuse to go to NYC :D.


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