Where to read serials or list your serial

This post is now a page: https://theonlinenovel.wordpress.com/where-to-read-or-list-serials/ . Please refresh your bookmarks. Thanks! 




    1. Sure – I would at least put something up at Muse’s Success (very fast update pace). The others you’ll have to look at more carefully as the communities each have their own preferences for the kind of fiction they read.

    1. Glad it’s of help. If you can think of where this blog link might be helpful to post (i.e., a writing forum or something), let me know. Or better yet, please share the link and list with others. THanks!

  1. Hello, Serealities.com is looking for other sites to link with that also publish serial stories. Do you know of sites that might share links other than directories? Also, could you list our site on this page?
    Many thanks!

    1. TuesdaySerials is probably your best bet. The other sites are either for individual listings of stories (to be submitted by authors) or probable competitors.

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