Micropublishing, Reddit, and other Weekly Discoveries: Jan 4-10, 2013

Seven publishing trends that will define 2013

I’ve seen “micropublishing” come up a few times this past week. Guess someone got bored and wanted to coin a new term to represent content publication that goes straight from app to web/desktop to web minus the bells and whistles of budgets, staff, etc. Or something.  All I know is that writing falls into this loosely – particularly those folks writing novels on their phones, tablets, through apps, whatever.

We’ll see if the term sticks, but for now, guess I gotta track this term too.

Read the article though – serials shows up yet again! It’s the hot new trend for 2013!

9 Publishing Predictions for 2013

And in case you need TWO more predictions, Coliloquy’s blog tells you yet more about micropublishing.

Hey, We colonize Reddit in the name of webfiction. 

The small crowd at Goodreads decided to try to colonize Reddit too at /r/webfiction .  At the very least we decided to give the poor orphans of /r/writing/ a break from the random chatter by random authors about cell phone novels, digital novels, weblit, serials and everything else by the same name.

Sean Platt and David Wright’s Serial Box a Smash Hit with Five Star Average

Platt and Wright continue to draw attention for their serials.  They were doing the serial thing long before Kindle jumped in with their Serials program and their experience seems to be paying off.


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