Weekly Roundup: December 28 — January 3

Happy New Year Everyone! It seems the buzz about serials that started during the 2012 holiday season has some real momentum.   Looks like there’s a lot to think about this week.

Moving forward, I think it’d be cool to highlight finished serials (available freely online) and their authors. If you have finished a serial recently, please send me a link, a blurb /summary of the story, and let’s chat! 

Users add chapters to new kind of tale

Users not only read the story in installments, but engage online/using their mobile phones. This is a really neat idea –like geocaching meeting the world of fiction. 

PW Select December 2012: Wattpad Revolutionizes Online Storytelling

Backtracked through Publisher’s Weekly to find a December article on Publisher’s Weekly that details Wattpad further. It’s written in a way that highlights Wattpad’s strength in its early strategy of engaging readers — tapping into the fanfiction.net market and appealing to readers of romance.


Accidentally discovered this community as they appear to be the only webfic/serial fic entity followed by Huffington Post Reading Twitter at the current time. Based on viewable content, most of the stories appear to be targeted to women and the site employs a pay-per-episode model.

Seth Godin on Kickstarting and Publishing

The Passive Voice links to the Godin blog on his Kickstarter adventures.  Seth sounds frustrated with Kickstarter and seems to discourage people from using it.  And yet webfic/web serial authors know full well people can engage on a successful campaign. In fact, as an indie, one would argue that a person with the right work and existing audience could do quite well.   

Publishing Is Broken, We’re Drowning In Indie Books – And That’s A Good Thing

In this Forbes article, the author talks about the successes of indie books and the failures of the current traditional publishing system to make a good case against indie books. Comments are entertaining as usual.  

A brave new world: science fiction predictions for 2013

This article is upbeat. One gets the impression that the sci-fi writers of the world are ready to get their chance in the spotlight, beating back other genres. This article mentions that Tor is about to get into the Kindle serials business.  And it’s an attractive idea.  Sci-fi/speculative short stories have long been a mainstay for fans of scifi and fantasy and Platt/Wright are doing well right now in the program. Why not?


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