Weekly Discoveries 12/21-12/27

Hope you all had a better Christmas than I did.  Or maybe some of you are still experiencing it right now as we speak. (You lucky ducks!)

So in spite of the slow things in the world of online novels, it seems that the serial itself is “THE” thing to talk about this holiday season.  Sure Time briefly talked about serials when Amazon entered the fray, but I think it’s something else when WSJ and NPR start talking about serials too.

How to Milk Your Serial

Caught this in the paper edition of the Wall Street Journal. Fascinating what Neal Pollack relates about “Bonfire of the Vanities” and the difficulty of generating output at newspaper/magazine serial word quotas.   As noted -it’s a different beast than writing novels!

Margaret Atwood’s Brave New World Of Online Publishing

I love NPR and am gratified that such an organization can talk about serials with one of the best spokeswomen you can think of for the format.   In this piece, Atwood talks about her work, Positron, for Byliner. (I’ve made mention of her Wattpad forays in the past, so it’s nice to see Byliner also get work from her that I think as classic Atwood.)  Transcript and full audio available at 


Serial Scribes Daily “Paper”

This paper.li webpage is curated by Tonya Moore, a long-time member of the webfiction community.  It occurred to me that I might not have mentioned this publication before and that it’s an easy way to see what several people are doing in the webfic community.

JukePop Serials makes Open Call for Submissions

Looks like JP is looking for new authors and new serial stories, see their post at Tuesdayserial.com .

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