Weekly Discoveries, 12/14 – 12/20

The next Stephenie Meyer? Teenage girl scoops book deal after her romance stories are read by millions online

I think this story is a testimony to the machine that is Wattpad .It also is important to understand that this story was posted years ago and took time to become noticed. 

The Twitter Novel — 140 Characters at a Time

Twitter seems to keep watching the Amazon serial bus and wanting to milk it also for what it’s worth. The story keeps going. That said, writing a novel 140 characters at time might drive me nuts.

 WPI’s Project Boz Is Making Charles Dickens’s Novels Available Online in Original Serialized Form

All this Charles Dickens stuff and finally we can see what readers saw years ago. Very interested in this … 

Book Marketing: Is a Facebook Fan Page Useful?

Honestly, the way Facebook is going these days with requiring businesses or other non-personal pages to pay up for visibility… I’d say probably not.  It doesn’t hurt to have a page though to feed updates through, but there’s no guarantee that the updates are seen with the new “pay” model FB put in place. 

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