Weekly Discoveries: November 16-23

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the U.S. It’s a few hours early, but I figure since I missed a week WHY NOT? 😀

Will Kindle Serials Transform Anthology Publishing?

I suppose the real newsworthy part of this post is the Vonnegut estate releasing stuff from Vonnegut through this platform!  Oh man! Oh man! (*insert fangirl screaming*)   I love seeing literary people like Atwood and Vonnegut on this “serial” bandwagon.

A quiet time for webcomics?

El Santo at Webcomic Overlook is one of my favorite webcomic reviewers.  He has a serious commitment to giving thoughtful reviews and talking about story and substance.  In this article he asks if readership/discovery at the most popular webcomics are down.  It’s hard to say given the metrics that are being used to examine site traffic. The comments alone are worth reading as well, for you can see how people disagree with his question and how different metrics tell creators different things.  Just as an aside, I’ll tell you that Project Wonderful and Google often don’t agree, with some reporting under and others over.  That said, I think as an estimate of “scale” it’s not terrible. I’ll blog about PW/Google soon.  

Where Europe’s subscribers are — and aren’t

A short article that links/summarizes a few points of the larger 134 page report , “Building the digital single market — cross border demand for content services” that describes implications for subscription based models. The report itself is a large summary of demographics and attitudes and beliefs of those demographic groups. Much of the “content” described really comes to audiovisual products and such, so the application of these findings for online novels is tenuous. However, those creating and marketing webserials in the multimedia dimension might be able to glean some points from the report.

The Revival of the Serial (an “oldie” but a goodie)

Romance is the biggest genre out there, and admittedly I’m a soft romantic at heart so I watch the “Dear Author” blog for the reviews and news.  While I am not a fan of much of the romance genre today (as I find sometimes that there is too much of a formula applied to “getting two people in bed together” and not enough Victorian moral conflict otherwise), following this site has been educational. This article actually precedes the last Amazon inspired rush of news on serials and as such, must be given credit for discussing serials before they were “popular again.”  

I highly recommend reading the comments. They are important because they represent a cross-section of opinions from readers and writers. Writing a novel online is tough stuff because not everyone enjoys serialization.  So as you all plan/write your serials, have an end game in mind that can touch those readers who need an “all in one” experience.  If you’re not thinking about compilation, you absolutely must if your goal is to capture as many readers as you possibly can :).


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