Weekly Discoveries – Nov -2 through ???

Twitter Hashtags for e-book publishers

Always interesting to see attempts to organize twitter folks into some kind of hashtag hierarchy.  I’m not sure how popular these tags are, but a quick check of #indieauthor shows moderate reach (>95k)  (using  http://tweetreach.com/).

Amazon + Smashwords and Self-Publishing’s Future


At this point as an independent web publisher, I would say that it’s important to always keep yourself watching what’s happening with all our gateways to other readers. A good many of us are going to eventually want to access the e-readers and POD publishing, and so it’s always on my mind to keep abreast of what is going on in the self-publishing wars.  I haven’t blogged about taking an online novel/serial novel/webfiction to print because I’m not there yet (other than one stint through Smashwords with a short story.)   But TE Waters has gone through it a few times and so we’ll have to ask her about her experiences and how she views the back and forth spats in the pro-Amazon/weird-Amazon/anti-Amazon camps.

As a reader, I prefer owning all of my books – not licensing them as seems to have become the case with a lot of the technocrats that seem to run these companies.

I prefer, as a writer, having the most access to the most readers. But I also don’t want my readers to take out their annoyance on me when their books can’t travel with them across devices.

Therefore, down the road, I’ll have to make choices.   We’ll see where this all goes in five years, but I hope we maintain the most possible choices for writers and readers.

Wiseink’s 3 Easy (and Cheap) Ways to Self-Publish Right Now

Thought this was a nice short blog that offered a few ideas I hadn’t considered before.  Target is really for the traditional “all at once” sort of author, but it works well for serials too 🙂


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