Weekly Discoveries Oct 26-Nov1

I’ve always wanted to see if someone could break those who write webcomics and online serials/novels away from the “Donate” model.  Flattr is an interesting variation , more of a micropayment version of the infamous Donate button, but I haven’t yet seen this variation as of yet.

Maybe something like this will still be objectionable to those of you out there who love the free aspect of the web.  But for those consumers like me who currently do support paywall schemas (i.e., through Shonenjump Alpha and other manga portals), I have little objection to subscribing to independent creators who are good faith producers.
I don’t think paywalls are for everyone. In fact, I think that a newbie creator shouldn’t do a paywall until they have a lot of free content to establish rapport with a reading audience.  However, there are some writers out there and comic artists whose existing content  speaks volumes for their credibility.   If this model is done right, the prices set reasonably well, and the early adopters all credible in their outputs, then the metered paywall might take off. I’ll hope it does.
And as a website, always an interesting one to follow if only because the entire focus seems to be about monetizing content creation.

Blogs of Note: Writer Beware and The Book Designer

I’m of the opinion that anyone who thinks to write online with the eye towards eventual publication needs to familiarize themselves with the Writer Beware blogs. A lot of what they say about predatory publishers in the dead tree realm needs to be mandatory reading for those digitally publishing as well.  In time, the publishers that have scammed many a wanna-be author will realize that new people can be scammed, even more easily, online.  

Joel Friedlander also runs a great service in his blog. He’s a graphic designer and has provided countless of articles on self-publishing.  I like his blog because he’s not an author blogging to drum up his SEO hits, but he is really marketing himself and his services (and his profession of graphic design).  It doesn’t hurt that his monthly cover contests are really good lessons in what’s good design.  I just stalk his page for the critiques of thumbnails as someday I hope to turn my serial into a few ebooks 🙂


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