Weekly Discoveries – October 19-25

Atwood and Alderman collaborate on Zombie series for Wattpad


Most of you know Margaret Atwood has embraced the online writing community, offering to judge a poetry contest at Wattpad and in general, just be an ambassador on e-writing at large.  Glad to see she continues to keep her affiliation with Wattpad open as she continues to also serialize with Byliner (see: http://www.mediabistro.com/galleycat/margaret-atwood-joe-mcginniss-publish-serialized-fiction-on-byliner_b56846).

However, I have to say that paidcontent.org keeps mucking up every article on serials.  Wattpad has been serializing fiction already through the efforts of amateur and indy authors for a LONG time.   (http://paidcontent.org/2012/10/23/wattpad-tries-serial-fiction-with-help-from-margaret-atwood/)   

Webfiction World Podcast

Looks like the AM Harte and Greg X. Graves are back with guest SJColins to talk Nanowrimo.  http://www.webcastbeacon.com/category/webfiction-world/
Also, forgot to report last week but WFW is also now beginning an audio podcast series of several serials. (And yes, one of them is mine.  Boy, Fes is going to have a lot of material for years to come xP.) 
Per a tweet this week, it looks like the producers are looking for suggestions for a fourth serial featuring a male lead and may begin piloting some method of including reviews in their content. Please contact webfictionworld at gmail.com with your suggestions!  

St. Martin’s Press gets in on the serials business.

Tuesday Serial breaks the story. And this is probably the first serious contender to Amazon because St. Martin’s Press is old school publishing 


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