Weekly Discoveries – October 12-18

Thought these were good tidbits to float to the reader that didn’t quite merit separate articles. Hopefully there’s enough good news to post each week, but we shall see. 🙂

1) Muses Success is starting a new enhanced profile pilot in which you can add a banner to the top of your listing.  Already tested it. Think it’s cool to see the folks working hard to upgrade their site.  See their blog post for more info.

2) Comic Rocket social media staff and I had an exchange technically earlier this month (not this past week) about illustrated serials being eligible for submission to their tool/site.  If you think your site meets the definition of “illustrated”, please contact them about adding your story to their site.

3) Tuesday Serial is posting transcripts from their session with one of the Plympton authors Yael Goldstein Love, entrepreneur Jerry Fan, and frequent guest blogger and serial fiction author Claudia Hall Christian. The first of the five posts can be read at http://tuesdayserial.com/?p=3098 .

4) BIG NEWS: Plympton supporters had a hint this was coming but Twitter gets in on the online fiction action! http://blog.twitter.com/2012/10/announcing-twitter-fiction-festival.html


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